“Miloš, when will you come to the office?” “Boss, I’m sitting literally across from you.”

Photo by Shridhar Gupta on Unsplash
Original illustration for MATSUKO by Maria Makeeva

We don’t have to settle for just one solution though. We use and abuse Zoom these days and there is an option that can suit us better, connect us more and drain us less. This option is called MATSUKO.

Original illustration for MATSUKO by Maria Makeeva
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Holograms of your colleagues are positioned in a clever way with MATSUKO, so that you are not robbed of the fundamental aspect of our non-verbal communication — direct mutual eye contact. It is simple and it is rewarding, for you to experience connection and presence where there would normally be distance.

Photo by visuals on Unsplash

In a MATSUKO-call, the holograms of others are big enough for you to see them well and at the same time they are at a comfortable distance from you, so that your nervous system can relax. Simply, it is how it’s supposed to be. There seems to be art in not doing certain things, like not overwhelming our nervous systems. So MATSUKO is just not going to do it. Easy.

So again, MATSUKO is just not going to add to your stress. It wants you to connect with others and have a meaningful experience with them instead of slowly but steadily provoking your anxiety. The others will see you. The focus for you is on seeing them.

MATSUKO allows you to see the participants from the waist up, in 3D, which gives you and enables you to rely on non-verbal cues as you would in a usual conversation. Face-to-face meetings work best. MATSUKO is the best alternative to them when there is physical distance involved.

Example demonstration of a MATSUKO user’s view

With MATSUKO you can see and feel seen.




Holographic Presence

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Holographic Presence

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