The Metaverse Christmas Party: Let’s celebrate as holograms!

MATSUKO Hybrid team

As children, we all enjoy the Christmas celebration, feeling excited and looking forward to it… This magic does not disappear when we grow up. Every year brings us the fascination with gifts, special moments with family members or colleagues, and that mysterious atmosphere of Christmas miracle when we tell kids about believing in Santa Claus… And even though this year, we cannot have big Christmas company parties, here is something much better to do this Christmas… It is time for the Hybrid Christmas Party with the Holograms of your friends and colleagues.

Preparations for the Hybrid Christmas party

Can you imagine celebrating this year in a radically new and enjoyable way, and getting more positive emotions like when you’ve been a kid? And it’s not a dream but an idea behind our MATSUKO’s holographic Christmas party that uses technology to help share the greatest moments of our lives and eliminates any distance between people across the world…

If you feel like your Christmas is stuck in a rut and the pandemic turns its celebration into an even more complex task, there is a new way to do things! Not all of your colleagues or friends will likely be able to meet up in one place. Maybe you are planning a virtual party then? It might sound like a good idea, if you can gather your colleagues on a video call, asking everyone to play games or watch a classic winter holiday movie online… But all these activities will doubtfully give you that feel of a real presence when you share all the festive emotions and have real fun together, without experiencing a physical distance as an obstacle. Thus, if you’re missing the hustle and bustle of a houseful of guests, consider planning the Hybrid Christmas party!

Hologram calls are a more life-like, more immersive, and more sensory alternative to video calls. And using the MATSUKO app, you would not need to install tons of complex equipment in your office or living room. Just your iPhone and a pair of XR glasses.

MATSUKO’s Christmas party in the Metaverse

From now, preparations for the Christmas celebration can start with installing the MATSUKO app and using it to meet with colleagues for discussions about your party plans. And you get all these funny questions from your “guests” next to you: “It would be great to celebrate this Christmas together!”, “Can we have a costume party this year?” , “Can I bring my husband with me?”, “Will we have something vegetarian there?”, “I missed them so much! It will be a real Christmas gift!”

Once you are all set, your friends or colleagues can join the party as realistic, 3D holograms… All of you will be able to talk to each other, hearing and seeing those who are physically present in the room. And even decorating cookies with all your friends “together” will become actual fun in your kitchen!

Curious to find out more about our idea of the Metaverse holiday party? Join our Early Access and let’s meet as holograms already this Christmas!

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