Is holographic communication among the best green tech of 2021?

Let’s change the flight direction and take over control. Let’s take a step away from pollution towards a nice, sci-fi adventure that may improve our work conditions!

Top minds of the planet are striving to find the best environmentally-friendly solutions today. And, MATSUKO reveals how incredibly efficient green tech becomes when revolutionary forms of holo communication are utilised.

Are you ready to experience the sensation of togetherness and protect our environment?

Climate Tech Conference 2021 organised by Founders Forum* is already one month behind us.

They say ‘time flies’, so why not take a flight, too.

Somewhere where there is nice weather and you can hear the roar of the sea?

Imagine sitting in an aeroplane. That feeling when it takes off. Never-ending excitement of a new adventure ahead of us. Everyone knows how nice it is to travel once in a while.

However, imagine being a CEO in charge of several branches of a large-scale company travelling for business regularly. Imagine waking up and rushing to the airport while wondering what you have forgotten to take with you this time. Imagine being a person who needs to pass all the security controls on a daily basis and misses the opportunity to spend time with his/her family yet again.

And then, imagine finally landing, waiting for a taxi to get you to the branch office where they are already waiting for your presentation. As you are finishing the last meeting in the afternoon and you are about to go to the hotel, you’re feeling drained. From your hotel room, you call your family exhausted to send them a virtual good night kiss.

However unlikely this may sound, it is not just a story of someone who doesn’t like travelling. It is almost a duty for those who want to keep their businesses running. Diplomats, representatives and many others involved in day-to-day business discussions, those who want to have successful careers. Hundreds of them are about to board a plane and maybe, they empathise with this story.

In this scenario, trying the PRO or Enterprise version of MATSUKO application customised for business needs can be a helpful solution. Users of a newly invented MATSUKO app may experience a very different scenario: Just waking up, preparing breakfast for their kids, having time to go through their presentation again before kicking off one of the most important meetings this year. All they need to do is to switch on their MATSUKO app and join the others physically represented as holograms sitting in the same conference room. And, after the meeting, they are straight back home enjoying work-life balance.

There was a lot of discussion during the pandemic about successful meetings without the need to travel, but with all human emotions and reactions maintained and expressed in the most accurate way. In business meetings, there is no place for exhausting calls or experiencing fatigue. Moreover, use of avatars does not provide us with a realistic feeling of presence even though it is a nice experience in a different setting.

In the last few years, employees have been demanding to spend less time travelling and more time being productive. Right now, video conferencing plays an important role in providing work-life balance by allowing employees to stay in their home area while working with remote colleagues. By being more efficient, employees are able to use their time more flexibly and maintain high levels of work satisfaction at the same time.

There is no other technology connecting people that would be so close to face-to-face communication. Being able to communicate as if people were really in the same physical space makes a generational leap in eliminating communication barriers among humans.

Hololens 2 real capture — MATSUKO holographic communication app

Don’t get us wrong, MATSUKO is not against travelling. But, naturally, we are looking for opportunities to reduce unnecessary business travels while trying to achieve zero environmental impact and providing a solution that can enhance our lives.

Why do we believe that MATSUKO could achieve zero environmental impact?

MATSUKO is a 3D SaaS product that saves time and costs and brings positive impact in terms of reducing the volume of transportation and greenhouse gas emissions because it cuts down the need of travelling significantly.

The trends are clear, hybrid mode of work is staying with us and the demand for remote solutions already exists. Our product is here to respond to these trends and demands. It:

• Enables no-travel for 50% more meetings (real estate, automotive, creative industry);

• Increases efficiency of team meetings by higher attention (feedback obtained);

• Transmits emotions and gestures thus creating an engaging and exhilarating user experience.

So, not only are we aiming to bring a breakthrough technology for all the communication needs but to also tackle ENVIRONMENTAL CHALLENGES such as reducing the carbon footprint.

“The challenge is stark: the world has ten years to halve global greenhouse gas emissions; by 2050 we need to achieve net-zero to avoid global warming of above 1.5C. Every sector of the global economy needs to be transformed and climate technology is central to achieving this goal” (Global impact, ClimateTech 2021).

This envisages the impact on “Accelerating the shift to sustainable and smart mobility” (one of the Green Deal goals). Business travellers and airlines are among those striving to cut corporate carbon emissions. According to Atag, flights produced 915 million tons of CO2 in 2019.

Globally, humans produce over 43 billion tons of CO2. 80 percent of aviation CO2 emissions are emitted from flights of over 1500 kilometres, for which there is no practical alternative mode of transport (Atag). However, several multinationals are already working to try and unpick the perceived relationship between travel and business growth.

Global accountant PwC estimates that “business travel is the single biggest contributor to its carbon emissions, at 53 percent and the travel and business growth should no longer have to go hand in hand.” (Racounter)

A Telepresence collaboration environment provides the ability to host meetings, presentations and discussions without the need to travel. Therefore, this collaboration tool will lower carbon, energy and time costs than in-person meetings and reduce the impact on the environment. Wouldn’t you like to support our green goals just by using another great disruptive technology of MATSUKO?

MATSUKO latest case study has shown the following results:

Present status of a company

▪ Employees: 80 000+

▪ Daily business travels: 40 times around the Globe

▪ Yearly CO2 emissions: 68 000+ tons

Same status with the use of MATSUKO app

▪ Yearly business travels and CO2 emissions: 50% less

▪ Yearly environmental impact’s decrease equals to:

- CO2 emissions from 14 780+ cars

- 1 133 333 trees planted

We are building the office of the future: More people than ever are working from home, so let’s support our own green work habits! Because each step heading in the right direction matters.

To conclude, we would like to express our honour to become a part of London Climate Tech. Thank you Stephen Murphy for your kind invitation and for the great opportunity to talk about climate change and the future of holograms tech.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

And, we cannot wait for yet another great event, the Augmented World Expo! See you there!

*Founders Forum events gather entrepreneurs, thought leaders and senior investors in global tech hubs. Each year, forums are held across the world with repeat flagship events in Europe’s tech capital London and New York City.

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