Company Culture to Get You Inspired

On our values in MATSUKO, inspired by Hopin and other startups

According to a keynote speaker Riccardo Pellegrino, Scandinavian top cross cultural expert recognised worldwide, culture means: “a system of behaviour that helps us act in an accepted or familiar way.”

That’s why we consider company culture a crucial concept that enables people to perceive common values and live and breathe according to them.

That’s how we shape our company culture.

The key values spread in MATSUKO are: to be proactive, stay modest & humble and have an international mindset.

1 Being Proactive

Proactivity is perceived on a daily basis. It can definitely enhance the whole company’s growth.

How do we achieve it?

We know that people are not always fired up for everything. That is why already in the first step of our hiring process, we consider it essential to find out what is the passion of our employees.

What is the area in which they want to grow?

It is definitely not a surprising fact but the more you enjoy your work, the less you perceive it as a work. If you love what you are working on, it is not a work task anymore. Thus, being proactive does not even mean more than just pure enthusiasm for us and being reactive. Of course behind the scenes it practically embodies fast-thinkers with analytical skills and an infinite amount of energy.

2 Being Modest

Why modest & humble?

If we could learn from the biggest failures, they usually have to do with ego. The ability of oneself to deal with his/her own ego means a lot in work life. It is reflected in getting along with others, in ability to process criticism and it has to do with dealing effectively with the demands. We don’t think there is a need for any additional explanations.

Don’t you agree it is perfect to cooperate with people who have low ego even when being extremely successful?

3 Having an International Mindset

International mindset is not something taken for granted, not all of us acquire it naturally.

We strongly believe that to become a leader in global business our employees must have an international mindset. It gives us super-power to communicate effectively within the business and with international colleagues and understand how you can be a value- added wherever you work.

Last, but not least

We’re also looking for people who are mission-focused, data-driven, and above all else, looking for a deeper meaning in their work and and not being afraid to take on grand challenges.

We advocate for diversity and inclusion in the workplace (more posts on this topic are coming).

Do you like our values and do you know why are they important to us?

Many different values help to govern a company when acquiring its aims and they set a mindset within a company. Values are concerned with customer care, teamwork and professional attitudes. We really like to show you all of them.

We know that team-members are the key force to increase the authenticity and presence of these values in MATSUKO.

May the Force be with you!

Stefania & Maria

Holographic Communication