Bring on the Holograms!

From dream to reality, this is the story of MATSUKO. The next chapter begins tomorrow.

MATSUKO Holographic Communication

hen again, what made early telephones so transformative? At a certain point, a critical mass of people had them, and those who had them used them — a lot. Now, a critical mass of people have video chat technology, and thanks to the pandemic, we’re using it.

So bring on the holograms.” (Adam Clark Estes)

MATSUKO is a service
like Zoom but in 3D. Physical presence in remote communication. No avatars, No scanning, No setup. By putting on your XR glasses, you see your colleagues and friends next to you in a lifelike way. Algorithms transform 2D streams into 3D pixel by pixel. MATSUKO brings realistic and lifelike holograms anywhere at any time via a simple application and XR glasses. You only need your phone camera to be able to meet as if you were together in person.

MATSUKO is a solution
to the problems related to remote communication such as lack of non-verbal and paraverbal cues, lack of engagement, lack of eye contact and missing spatial feeling. Instead of being a disembodied video stuck on the screen, participants become active participants in the space. Our holograms are not 3D avatars.

MATSUKO is a US patent pending technology
which reconstructs a person pixel to pixel from 2D to 3D, and is able to show the user’s true emotional expression. There is no complex technical setup required. All you need is a single camera and you get a hologram in real time, with accurate emotions, real facial expressions and eye contact.

MATSUKO is a product
for businesses and their remote teams but versatile for use in any remote communication situation. We are motivated by being in a fast growing market. Growing competition with similar solutions actually boosts the user base interested in this market which is beneficial for us, too.

MATSUKO is an engagement.
The same kind of engagement that you would have in real life. One day it will be even better, for sure faster, cheaper and safer than it was before.

So, here comes MATSUKO!

Yours, Maria


Holographic Communication