Behind the Walls of MATSUKO

Daily life within a company is the one which really determines the culture of the company itself. My very first days in MATSUKO were the fastest I have ever experienced and have absolutely immediately enriched my work routines.

What does it look like behind the walls of MATSUKO?

There are a bunch of people who are focused, straightforward and smiling. The tempo is overwhelming, but it drives you to the results you have never expected yourself to achieve. Every day you are learning something new, you are encouraged to take the ownership of whatever you would like to. The freedom which is given to you is so powerful because you can create the company in every second together with your colleagues.

The same is valid for the product. You can always step up and say, this is what we should add, change or reduce. Hence, the space is given to your innovative ideas and creativity. It also enforces your accountability,

It is a cultural matter, part of communication culture within the whole company. There are no strictly set rules. There is just a shared feeling among us to have only one unique chance and responsibility to build a leader within the market.

Apart from working together on a daily basis covering a whole range of business topics, we really like spontaneous ideas even after work! Last week we spent a really nice time together watching French movie High Tech start-up ;) We can only recommend it to all the start-ups and innovators to enjoy fun together.

Yours, Stefania

Holographic Communication