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Zoom is great, but do we want it to be the only future for formal hybrid workspaces?

Communication and mutual understanding are the cornerstone of success in any domain. Just think of business, meetings, hybrid workspace — someone at the office, someone working from home, international clients and colleagues. …

On our values in MATSUKO, inspired by Hopin and other startups

According to a keynote speaker Riccardo Pellegrino, Scandinavian top cross cultural expert recognised worldwide, culture means: “a system of behaviour that helps us act in an accepted or familiar way.”

That’s why we consider company culture a crucial concept that enables people to perceive common values and live and breathe…

Daily life within a company is the one which really determines the culture of the company itself. My very first days in MATSUKO were the fastest I have ever experienced and have absolutely immediately enriched my work routines.

Realism is a rejection of artificiality in art. In a video call, the struggle for the quality of experience leads us to the concept of realism too: to the rejection of artificiality.

After three months of working with T-Mobile leaders, we are happy to announce that we all enjoyed DEMO DAY together. T-Mobile U.S. hosted a T-Mobile Accelerator Virtual Demo Day on June 30th and they specifically handpicked us to be part of it! …

From dream to reality, this is the story of MATSUKO. The next chapter begins tomorrow.

“Then again, what made early telephones so transformative? At a certain point, a critical mass of people had them, and those who had them used them — a lot. Now, a critical mass of people have video chat technology, and thanks to the pandemic, we’re using it.

So bring on the…


Holographic Communication

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