Realism is a rejection of artificiality in art. In a video call, the struggle for the quality of experience leads us to the concept of realism too: to the rejection of artificiality.

MATSUKO at T-mobile Accelerator Demo Day 2021

After three months of working with T-Mobile leaders, we are happy to announce that we all enjoyed DEMO DAY together. T-Mobile U.S. hosted a T-Mobile Accelerator Virtual Demo Day on June 30th and they specifically handpicked us to be part of it! At the virtual Demo Day event, we saw various 5G innovations in the fields of 3D data storytelling, holographic communications, AR wearables, immersive virtual learning, volumetric video streaming, and many more.

Hologram video calls are here, thanks to @Matsukocompany. This team will ensure you don’t fall flat as they redefine the communication of the future.

From dream to reality, this is the story of MATSUKO. The next chapter begins tomorrow.

MATSUKO Holographic Communication

“Then again, what made early telephones so transformative? At a certain point, a critical mass of people had them, and those who had them used them — a lot. Now, a critical mass of people have video chat technology, and thanks to the pandemic, we’re using it.

So bring on the holograms.” (Adam Clark Estes)

MATSUKO is a service
like Zoom but in 3D. Physical presence in remote communication. No avatars, No scanning, No setup. By putting on your XR glasses, you see your colleagues and friends next to you in a lifelike way. Algorithms transform 2D streams into 3D…


Holographic Communication

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